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$Fevr token


The main goal of the FEVR token is to open the door to Web3 where you, the user, are the centerpiece of the network and the main beneficiary of RealFevr’s products. $FEVR is a gateway to RealFevr’s NFT Packs, Staking Pools, Trading Moments Game, Fantasy Leagues, Clubs Lounge and any other feature we release in the future.

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First pack revenue share

Sports Video NFT

A decentralized marketplace of video collectibles, backed by official licenses. We acquired the rights from every moment that is displayed in our marketplace, everything is on-chain and users have self-custody of their assets.

It works in a Limited Edition Pack Drops system, where users purchase with $FEVR (BNB Chain) different kinds of NFT packs. The NFTs that come inside the packs have 5 tiers of rarity and will never be repeated in future drops.

Fees & royalties


Clubs can license their IP to RealFevr, join the ecosystem and launch NFT packs that will immediately get exposure to an audience of digital collectors.

The Clubs Lounge will connect our partners to the Web3 space, bringing several new layers of utility to their Fan Tokens and taking their fan's overall experience to the next level. This feature is absolutely key in our long-term vision of decentralization and empowering clubs and organizations.


Staking Pools

Besides the current existing staking pools, RealFevr is building a gamified staking ecosystem at that will benefit depositors who invest the most and remain for the longest time.

Our goal is to distribute $FEVR to those who show commitment to the project as we believe that long-term holders will be the main driver of the growth of our ecosystem as well as the FEVR token price appreciation.

Borrow and lending


FEVR Battle Arena will be our Trading Moments Game that will bring the utility of our NFTs to a whole new level.

Following the traditional mechanics of digital trading card games, FEVR Battle Arena will allow multiple different uses for the FEVR token, as well as any other token that becomes part of RealFevr’s ecosystem.

Clubs launchpad

RealFevr User Profile

Each user can now create their own profile to visualize relevant information about their participation in RealFevr’s ecosystem: NFT collection, amount of $FEVR staked and owned, level and total XP (experience points) earned so far, achievements, challenges, rewards and more.

By creating this feature, we are exponentially increasing the utility and value of our token and NFTs, but also gamifying the collection journey and increasing the competition aspect of it.

In-game video collectibles

NFT Borrow & Lending

The NFT borrow & lending system will be a game-changer for the whole ecosystem. On one hand, users will be able to take advantage of a decentralized marketplace to perform peer-to-peer transactions, capitalizing on their digital assets or leveraging other users’ assets to improve their in-game performance.

On the other hand, this system will bring another utility to the FEVR token, as it will be the currency utilized for any borrowing/lending transaction.

Fantasy Leagues


Fantasy football leagues have been the core business of RealFevr since 2015 and the incredible mark of more than 2M downloads on iOS App Store and Google Play Store is proof of that.

Within the RealFevr app you can play several competitions, including the top 5 European football leagues, and earn $FEVR and NFTs as prizes.


The FEVR token was launched in July 2021, on the BNB Chain, through an IDO by Polkastarter. Furthermore, below you can find all the tokenomics and its utility.

$FEVR token distribution table
$FEVR token distribution table

$Fevr utility

$FEVR token distribution table

RealFevr nfts utility

$FEVR token distribution table

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