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RealFevr ecosystem

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$FEVR: The ecosystem gateway

At the heart of the RealFevr ecosystem lies the FEVR token, the currency of our innovative gamified sports world.

This token serves as the gateway, unlocking a realm of possibilities within our ecosystem.


Organya is a turn-based football strategy game powered by blockchain technology.

In Organya, football video moments transform into in-game assets, gaining new life and endless excitement through a magical storyline.

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The Moments
The Moments

RealFevr collectible moments are NFTs made from fully licensed video clips from sports, providing users with complete ownership and self-custody of their on-chain assets.

These NFTs can be purchased through Packs during limited-time "Drops" or directly through peer-to-peer transactions on RealFevr's Marketplace. There are five tiers of rarity available: COMMON, SPECIAL, EPIC, LEGENDARY, and UNIQUE, which depend on the total number minted for each.

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Fantasy Leagues
Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Leagues were the first product launched by RealFevr. With over 2 million downloads on iOS and Android worldwide, you can play the most significant football leagues globally through a single app, including the official men's and women's fantasy leagues in Portugal

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